Creative Producer


The Art: This hand-lettered watercolor series represents my physical and proverbial journey as a mixed Latin woman. People said "Don't go to Colombia. It's so dangerous; especially for women." While this scared me, I refused to let my fear of the unknown stop me from exploring this beautiful country. "Vamos a Colombia" became my mantra and a year and a half later I went to Colombia for the first time - and returned safe from harm. Materials: hand lettering & watercolor on paper. 8"x 8", ready-to-hang, frame included

The Auction: Open until October 31st, bids start at $20 (shipping included) and go to the highest bidder! All proceeds will benefit Arte Sana, a Texas based non-profit assisting Latin women affected by sexual and domestic abuse (more info + link below). Want to bid? Send an email to with the subject line "Vamos." Winners will be announced November 1st. 

Arte Sana: Arte Sana (art heals) is a national Latina-led nonprofit committed to ending sexual violence and other forms of gender-based aggressions and engage marginalized communities as agents of change. Founded in 2001, Arte Sana promotes capacity building, awareness, healing, and empowerment through bilingual professional training, community education, and the arts.